Friday, 28 June 2013

Ooh What A Lovely Pair Of Drawers

No, not my bloomers!

Remember this set of card index drawers I got at a car boot for two quid recently? 
Well I did try and sand the horrible orange varnish off but it was a losing battle so I admitted defeat and painted them a rather lovely shade of an aptly named Crown paint called Crochet (I would have called it Putty, but it probably wouldn't sell being named that so I guess that's why I'm a blogger and not a marketeer)

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Urge To Sew

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago the urge to sew took me, so sew I did.

Remember this pretty vintage sheet I purchased for £3 in a charity shop a while back?
Well some of it now looks like this
Not bad for an afternoon's work with a 3 year old that kept fiddling with the tensions on my machine.  Amazingly I even got to wear it as the sun decided to shine the next day!

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

The tat fairy has done her thing again and I'm now the proud owner of more vintage goodies, here are this week's scores from a craft and vintage fair that I attended with the lovely Mrs D

First up this stack of 6 octagonal glass cake plates, the stallholder originally wanted £8 for them but as she was giving up the life of a vintage trader for a stability of a full-time job she wanted shot so I got them for £2
Next this teeny weeny individual glass jelly mould, it's more than I would normally pay for a jelly mould at £7 but I fell in love with it and as the plates were such a bargain it was justified
Lastly this week a glass that wouldn't be out of place in a rat pack cocktail cabinet of the 1950s, it should have been a fiver but I nabbed it for £2, it shows the ratios of ingredients for loads of classic cocktails but I think I'm probably going to use it to house novelty straws and cocktail swizzle sticks

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