Thursday, 23 May 2013

How's It Hanging Granny?

I bought a couple of vintage coat hangers for 20p each during one of my recent charity shop rummages
I snapped up the bottom hanger because of it's beautiful curves, the top one, however, I already had crafty plans afoot for.  I've seen loads of Pinterest pins of crochet covered hangers of late and wanted to have a bash myself
I gave the hook a dab of turquoise paint that I had knocking around from the tea trolley project and hey presto!

Monday, 20 May 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Both kids have come down with the sniffles over the weekend so we thought we'd drag them round a church sale and a car boot to give them some fresh air because we're thoughtful like that.  Here's what we snagged.

First up this vintage Pyrex style turquoise mixing bowl £1
I'm currently following Liz (Me And My Shadow) on the road to almost certain paralysis and blindness by making my own wine.  I've purchased a starter kit that came with all the stuff you need to get going but we spotted this book for 50p to give us some more information, let's hope our eyesight lasts long enough to read it! 
A pair of wooden knitting needles and four crochet hooks
and this pretty spoon 50p all in
And finally this week a couple of scarf hangers.  Since Easter I've gradually been declutting my home resulting in four car loads to the reuse centre and one to the tip, but for some reason I  was putting off the last area to be sorted which was my side of our dressing room.  I don't know why I was so reluctant to do it but I finally tackled it last week and I'm so glad I did as I was able to offload 8 black bags of stuff that was either worn out, ill-fitting or was just a general pain in the arse and therefore never worn (dry clean only stuff, stuff that required ironing - I don't do ironing).

Anyway, ever since I've been trying to get hold of a scarf hanger and a couple of shopping trips had sadly been fruitless but lo and behold, just when you need something a tat rummage seems to always come up trumps and that it did, two perfect for the job at the car boot, £1 for the pair.
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Shell We Have Some Tea?

A school friend posted a picture of a knitted snail tea cosy on my Facebook and asked if I could make one for his other half.  I informed him that I couldn't knit but that if he was serious I could have a bash at crocheting one, here's what I came up with 
 and the back
It's a tad 'Gary' from Spongebob Squarepants but that's no bad thing and his recipient seemed pleased enough, so job's a good'un.

Monday, 13 May 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

First up this week is a massive cream 1950s musical jewellery box, it's the perfect size for Missy's huge and ever growing collection of dressing-up trinkets and baubles, seriously she's the Imelda Marcos of plastic, sparkly shite (£1.99)
Another lovely vintage sheet, a beautiful pink floral double for £3
cream and white cotton single sheets next £1.49 each for stitchery shenanigans, cue boring photo of the year...
And last but not least a Russian doll tapestry cushion (brand new with the tag still on) £2.98
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Me and My Shadow

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dolled Up Trolley

Last summer I purchased this rather drab looking tea trolley for a fiver at a local charity shop and ever since I've been itching to get my crafty mitts on it and give it a revamp.
I've spent idle moments during the winter scouring Etsy, Folksy and the like for the perfect kind of vintage wallpaper to complete my upcycle and just after Christmas I came up trumps with a suitably groovy print in a pleasing colour combo and was finally able to give her her makeover, and here she is!
Anyone for tea and cakes?

Monday, 6 May 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

It's a beautiful bank holiday Monday here in the UK and, unusually, the sun is shining so I'm going to make this a quick one as I want to make the most of the wonderful weather with my little family whilst it hangs around.

Car boot season is well and truly underway here and we went to our first of the year yesterday, here's what I came away with

Firstly this ceramic lamb planter, I think it's made by a company called Rubens that made all sorts of kitsch ceramic planters as was the fashion during the 1950s, this was £1 but I've seen them on Etsy and eBay for about a tenner
Next up an old wooden puzzle, I'm going to make fridge magnets out of some of the foody shapes so for 50p it was a bargain
I saw this little beauty lurking under a stall, it's a set of old office index card drawers made by Crusader but I think it would be great for some of my crafty oddments but I think I'm going to have to give it a makeover first as it's been used in a garage or something and is covered in a thick orange varnish.  When the stallholder told me he only wanted £2 for them I couldn't get my money out fast enough 
A lovely double Witney wool blanket with pink stripes next and only 50p, probably one of the worst things you could purchase and have to carry round with you on the hottest day of the year so far but when they're selling for upwards of £30 a bargain's a bargain
And finally three packs of various vintage style fairy stickers 50p per pack

Friday, 3 May 2013

Making A Beeline For An A Line

As I'm sure you are well aware by now I love a bit of groovy 70s floral bed linen (my sister certainly is as she gifted me these beauties last time she popped over) 
and have been making a few bits and bobs from my stash, cushion covers and just a few dresses for Missy, well it was high time I made something for me, so this week that's exactly what I did.

I decided to keep it simple and I thought a skirt would be well within my very limited dressmaking capabilities.  I'd made a hideous skirt in textiles at school, it was a pencil skirt as was the fashion at the time, hey I'd seen the commercials for Fashion Wheel, how hard could it be to be a couture designer?!  I opted to constructed it from a really tasteful turquoise cotton with a super sexy elasticated waist so I had previous.

A line skirts tend to suit me the best so, after cutting out some fabric using a skirt I already owned as a template and getting it wrong, I genned up on how to take measurements and transpose them into a paper pattern properly.  I also researched how to insert an invisible zip and how to line a skirt then set to work cutting out my pieces and sewing them together as per the numerous You Tube vids instructed.

And here's what came out of the arse end of this little adventure
Yes the zip is slightly wonky (give me a break, it's only my third zip ever!), the back top seam is slightly higher than the front and it's a little bit roomy (I wasn't convinced my measurements would be generous enough) but I've counteracted all that by adding a cunning crocheted trim to the hem as a distraction, does it work?

I know it's a verging on the "Von Trapp" but I made Missy a matching pinafore dress using the two pieces of fabric I'd initially cut as I didn't want them to go to waste but don't worry I promise we'll only wear them at the same time when I'm teaching her to sing whilst on a cycle ride through the streets of Salzberg, "Doe, a deer, a female deer..."

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Zippity Do Dah!

Found this blog post lurking in my draft folder so I thought I'd set it free...

I got this funky double duvet cover for £2 and used it to give my lounge a quick revamp
I have two massive cream cushions in my lounge which are really comfy but they were looking a little grubby as the kids constantly use them for making dens, nests and for generally wiping their filthy hands and faces on at every given opportunity and, despite my best efforts, they just wouldn't come up as clean looking as I'd like so they had to go.

I butchered the old covers for their massive zips and dragged out my sewing machine again (this is becoming a bit of a habit!).  After a bit of a Google Images search I identified which of my many sewing machine feet was the zipper foot and set to work on sewing in my first zip!

Here I am in action
and here is one of the finished cushions next to one of it's normal sized cousins
Dare I say that this sewing lark is actually becoming quite fun!
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