Thursday, 2 May 2013

Zippity Do Dah!

Found this blog post lurking in my draft folder so I thought I'd set it free...

I got this funky double duvet cover for £2 and used it to give my lounge a quick revamp
I have two massive cream cushions in my lounge which are really comfy but they were looking a little grubby as the kids constantly use them for making dens, nests and for generally wiping their filthy hands and faces on at every given opportunity and, despite my best efforts, they just wouldn't come up as clean looking as I'd like so they had to go.

I butchered the old covers for their massive zips and dragged out my sewing machine again (this is becoming a bit of a habit!).  After a bit of a Google Images search I identified which of my many sewing machine feet was the zipper foot and set to work on sewing in my first zip!

Here I am in action
and here is one of the finished cushions next to one of it's normal sized cousins
Dare I say that this sewing lark is actually becoming quite fun!


  1. wow zips too - you are amazing!

    1. You do make me laugh Mary, this is the sort of stuff you do in your sleep. x


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