Monday, 21 November 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Roll up, roll up come see the amazing crap-o-rama, first up three little flower shaped bowls, to match my ever-expanding collection of these things (£1.49)
Unusual anchor jelly mould (£3)
Cute little bug magnets for Missy's bedroom (£1)
Brand new leather driving gloves (£6)
Various wool for my stash (£1.50)
Dominos for craft projects (50p)
Belt for a craft project (£1.99)
Old skool Dymo label writer and tape (£1)
String of plastic heart beads for craft projects (99p)
Metal rabbit jelly mould (£2.50)
Another walking doll for Missy (£1.49)
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Me and My Shadow


  1. Love the driving gloves and Dymo - bargains! All fabulous finds though :)

  2. I'd love to find a label maker!

  3. Some lovely things there - especially the Dymo! (I have a modern one and it's just not the same)

  4. So much to love here and amazing how so often the Magpies are buying similar stuff with Dominos featuring more than once this week. I love those colourful bug magnets. I have a thing about moulds and love the rabbit one in particular. Great selection this week

  5. Hmmm. On second thoughts maybe you and I going charity shopping together is not such a good idea - they'd be blood spilt!

    Great find with the Anchor jelly mould. Should the local Boys Brigade ever ask you t cater a function for them, you'll be all set.

    I guess the race is on to see who comes up with something for the dominoes first :0) x

  6. It's definitely Domino week. The set in the back of my car are brand new, but destined for greater things, I just need some inspiration (and a lot of time)

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments as always peeps. x

    Liz, we shouldn't shop together, we should domino craft together. LOL re Boy's Brigade xx


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