Thursday, 3 November 2011

Popping A Crochet Cherry Card In The Post

My sister is part of her local crafting circle 'Sip And Sew' and on a recent visit to her house she thrust a pile of craft magazines my way, it was like an inspirational Christmas, so many things to make but where to start?  

My sister had drawn my attention to one item in particular in an edition of Making magaizine, it was a cute crochet cherry brooch, my crochet at the time wasn't great (see here, here and here) but as at present crochet is a complete mystery to my sister I thought I would have a bash at this as a gift for her birthday.

I was pleased that I could actually read the pattern for starters and was amazed at how quickly the item came together (I finished it in about an hour), not bad for a novice!

If you can't crochet then commission me to make one for you via my Etsy shop
Mine was even the same size as the one in the magazine!

I made a second one for myself to hone my craft and here they are 
Then I found a suitably mushy cherry-themed poem and bashed it out on a typewriter (remember those?!) and stuck it all onto a blank card
and used one of those old skool plastic label writers for the internal sentiment 
and I was done, bar the predictable gift voucher. 

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  1. Inside your mind must be a fabulous place to be indeed. You are one of the most talented people ever! FACT!

    Thanks ever so for linking up as always, Mwah, mwah!

  2. What a gorgeous gift!

    Those cherries are so cute. Sadly, crochet is a complete mystery to me.

  3. Absoflippinglutely gorgeous!! You are truly talented!! I love your ideas!! x


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