Thursday, 24 November 2011

Missy's Second Birthday

Well Missy turned two last week what a wonderfully busy week filled with cakes, cards, presents, family and friends it was.

For the family celebration I made a Show Me Show Me cake (Missy's current favourite CBeebies offering) featuring the playhouse in the sky and all the toys
Teddington, Tom, Mo-Mo, Miss Mouse and Stuffy on the top
A lot of weeks prior I had made Missy a Show Me Show Me birthday card and sent it in to CBeebies with the hope that it would be shown on air as Buster's had been 7 years previously
And to our great delight it was one of the lucky ones picked out and shown, here's Katy with the card on the big day
We also had some friends over for tea with their little ones at the weekend, I had an hour or so free and decided to make a very quick and dirty Peppa Pig cake so Missy could blow out some more candles
All in all it was a bit of a handmade birthday and as such I'm linking this post to White Lily Green's Handmade Thursday 

Inspire Me Beautiful

and Love Craft Blogs


  1. Aww, that's great. Bet she love it. Clever Mummy! I am a little disappointed that you didn't model a teeny weeny Chris and Pui to go on the top too though ;-)

  2. Loved it even. There seems to be something sticky in my keyboard. Ugh

  3. Wow what great cakes! They're perfect!

  4. A 'quick' Peppa Pig cake? You are kidding right?

    Can you come and live in my kitchen?

  5. you are so nuts! 2 cakes for a 2nd birthday, beware next year she might want 3!

  6. Awww belated Happy Birthday to Missy - how cool with the card! The cake is a beauty :o) Scarlett x

  7. Belated birthday greetings. That cake is amazing! x

  8. Lakota - you can stick your mini Chris and Pui in your keyboard. x

    Liz - it was a very quick Peppa Pig cake, hardly anything to it and yes I can come and live in your kitchen as long as you're not keeping that glass eye and weird dolly head in there! x

    Mary - I think 2 cakes for a birthday is my LIMIT! x

    Thanks to everyone else for the birthday greetings and cake love. x


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