Thursday, 5 August 2010

Gotta Love Miffy

Being of Dutch extraction I have an excuse to love Miffy and anything derived thereof, I have a giant cushion of that gorgeous little bunny on my bed (much to the annoyance of Mr Right, I'm sure) 
and a clock in the kitchen and various little knick-knacks around my home where ever I can cram them in (there's even a poster on the inside of my under-stair cupboard) and have been looking for a bedside lamp for Missy's room for ages when I happened upon this beauty

Mind you, the £180 price tag is a little beyond my budget so she will have to make do with the cuddly version for now!

"Hello, my name is Mummy"

Tuesday started off well, I needed to make a trip to the Post Office to bid farewell to the last lot of eBay tat that I had sold and was running a little behind schedule so I grabbed a cardigan and headed out.  I was served quite quickly but the lady who served me carried on chatting and as she did I noticed that she seemed to be talking to me in the same manner as she was to Missy (who's 8 months old).  It was only when I got home that I realised I had grabbed a cardigan that had a massive cartoon sticker on the front with 'Hello, my name is Mummy' across it in Buster's trademark wax crayon scrawl.  I had forgotten that he had made me a 'special' label when we had been out to Ask for dinner the weekend before and that I had neglected to remove it.  She must have thought I was very 'special' indeed!

The usual Tuesday food shop was uneventful, although I did make a startling discovery when I opened the box of eggs...
Well bugger me!
Later that day Mr Right informed me over the phone that he had done 'something' to the 'Omen Shirt' (he has this shirt that we call the 'Omen Shirt', it's a shirt he really likes but it seems to be a crap-magnet, if he's going to spill food or coffee on it a shirt then this will be the one).  I sighed and made a mental note to add more Vanish to the shopping list.  Thankfully there were no stains but it turns out that he had rolled up the sleeves and flexed his muscles and his left bicep had ripped through the fabric a la 'The Incredible Hulk', ah well, another one bites the dust.
You don't wanna see me when I'm working

Wednesday was a productive day, I got loads of books and toys out of the loft for Missy and needed somewhere to store them, so we had a jaunt over to Dunelm to buy some baskets, where I saw this!  It's a kids leather tub chair and footstool, too cute!

Whilst we were out and about Missy was complemented on her socks (now nicknamed Shocks as they are socks that give the appearance of shoes), not as good as baby UGGS but a close second

We returned home and Missy was loving all the new toys, that was until the stacking cups came out, my baby has got to be the only baby in the world that has a phobia of stacking cups.  She's ok if she is standing but if she's seated and they come crashing down she cries her little heart out.  On the flip side, she does love Crazy Horse and dances like a loon whenever he is switched on and she's really getting into the books, although I think I may have raised her expectation of books too high already as she thinks they all have touchy-feely panels.

On Wednesday afternoon I made this Banana Bread recipe 

and it was delicious, we had it for pud with custard and I had it the following day with a slather of butter on, which improved it ten fold, that got me thinking, perhaps Banana Bread and Butter Pudding is the next stage in this recipe's evolution.  I am going to try it, will let you know how it goes.

Tonight I have a 'hot date' with Mr Right, Missy is at my MIL's tonight and Buster has been away with my parents since Monday so we are child-free and are not going to use this as an opportunity to catch up on sleep, we are going OUT, our usual haunt is Pizza Express followed a trip to the cinema.  Last time we went Mr Right had a latte that came in a 'pervert's cup'

The 'pervert's cup'
and the time before that I had a 'use by' label in my starter, I wonder what delights await us tonight?!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Baby Houlihans!

Found some baby khaki Houlihans on t'internet, do I or don't I?

Pink Pee, Gypsies and Any Old Iron

Monday already?!  How did that happen?  I now have five lovely followers, thanks ladies!

I am trying to convince Mr Right he wants to follow me too but I don't thinks he really approves of this social networking/blogging malarky, he has always been rather anti-Facebook, until I badgered him one too many times and he reluctantly signed up.  He doesn't do the Twitter thing either so I'm probably flogging a dead horse but what he doesn't see is that for most of the week, these social outlets are to me, just that, adult conversation where ordinarily there would be none (with the added bonus of not having to drag Paris Hilton's luggage allowance and a miniature version of said demanding diva to mother and baby groups or friend's houses!).

Sunday was one of those achieve-nothing-but-good-for-the-soul kind of days.  Took the kids to David Lloyd for a swim first thing and we had the pool to ourselves so we could pretend we were lottery winners for an hour which was fun.  Missy had her nap, Buster played in his room and Mr Right dutifully went off to the allotment whilst I conjured up roast beef with all the trimmings.  All our efforts in the shed at home yesterday were ironically undermined by the fact that our shed at the allotment had been broken into during the week, we obviously have nothing of value as they didn't take anything but others on the site weren't so fortunate.

Mr Right did his hunter/gatherer bit and returned with loads of spuds, onions, garlic, beans and beetroot.  I roasted the beets in the oven along with some spuds, onions, parsnips, sweet potatoes and carrots and they were delish, although I did forget that I had eaten quite a few and had a bit of a beetroot/toilet related incident this afternoon and thought I was dying.

This morning Buster was up with the lark as he was super excited because he is off with my parents in their gypsy caravan for a week and he kept updating me with how many hours it was until he was off and every item he was going to pack, anyway, the time came for him to depart and we said our goodbyes and I'm surprised to say that I had a little cry after he'd gone.  He's been away a few times in the van and on loads of overnight stays so I don't know what that was all about, needless to say I needed a cuppa and some chocolate but I don't keep any in the house or I would be the size of a house so I had to resort to raiding the tuck box.  The tuck box is a plastic tub of chemicals that rarely contains anything I would even think about eating without a trained dentist and diabetic nurse in attendance but I was so desperate I had a rummage.  The only thing remotely chocolaty were a handful of Halloween (yes they were that old!) foil-wrapped eyeballs and by the time I had removed the silver-leaf-like wrappers one fluttery square millimetre at a time my tea was cold, I'm ashamed to say I still ate them anyway.
I had a visit from a smiley and very pregnant Eastern European lady at lunchtime.  She had won the bidding on our baby car seat on eBay and had come to collect the merchandise.  We had arranged her visit via email and I had asked her what time she would arrive, she sent a message back saying 12am, thankfully that was a typo and she seemed pretty pleased with her purchase.  I was pretty pleased to be getting rid of such a bulky bit of tat.

I am beginning to hate lunch times, Missy has taken to storing her sarnie in the roof of her mouth and then choking on it and spitting it out.  I have tried cutting it up into mouse-sized portions and giving it to her in finger form to feed herself but short of liquidising it I'm at a bit of a loss, I never had this problem with Buster.  She has also learned to poke food out with her tongue and does this at every opportunity.  Buster didn't help by laughing at her every time she did it! As a punishment I made him feed her her yogurt but he seemed to quite enjoy it and she reciprocated by making her happy R2D2 noises at him.  Perhaps I'm surplus to requirements?!

The rag 'n' bone man was doing his rounds this afternoon, he seems to come round every fortnight ringing his bell, do other areas still have a rag 'n' bone man or did they die out in the 1970s?  I didn't have 'any old iron' but a friend suggested I do what she does and offer up the kids as a form of bad behaviour deterrent, I will bear it in mind!
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